LED Expo Thailand 2024 brings big business to light in ASEAN

LED Expo Thailand, ASEAN’s premier exhibition for the lighting industry, organized by MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. and IMPACT Exhibition Management Co. Ltd., is scheduled to take place from September 5 to 7, 2024 at IMPACT Exhibition Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, showcasing the latest advancements and trends in the ever-evolving field of LED and smart lighting technology.

Organized under the theme, “Connected lighting for sustainable living”, the 10th edition of LED Expo Thailand focuses on providing innovative lighting solutions for sustainable lighting, energy efficient lighting, healthcare and social care lighting, horticulture lighting, human centric lighting, and smart lighting. Targeting local as well as international professionals in the industry, the trade fair aims to revolutionize and make a difference in the future of LED and smart lighting industry.

LED Expo Thailand brings together “Energy Efficiency and Digitalization for SMART Lighting” under one roof to benefit all stakeholders in the heart of the ASEAN region. The 2024 expo serves as a hub for Thailand’s more than 400 leading brands to gather at one platform for extensive networking and lead generation. Smart Living Expo, co-located with LED Expo Thailand, is a cutting-edge showcase of innovative technologies and solutions that are revolutionizing modern living spaces.

Elevating the trade fair experience, the Thailand “Lighting Digital Transformation” workshops, Smart ASEAN Forum Knowledge sessions, Thailand Smart Lighting Industry seminars, Lighting Innovation showcase, and Business Matching program, in addition to other highlights, emerge as key takeaways from the event.

Himani Gulati, Director, MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd., said, “We believe that LED Expo Thailand is not just a trade fair but a hub for knowledge exchange and business growth. The carefully curated expo, including the conference sessions, product launches, and networking opportunities, is geared towards empowering professionals and businesses in the lighting industry to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market. Also, I am excited about the Introduction of Smart Living Expo along with the show”

Loy Joon How, General Manager, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co. Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to mark the 10th edition of LED Expo Thailand, a testament to a decade of driving innovation and progress in the lighting industry. The upcoming event promises to be a dynamic platform, offering participants a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, insightful discussions, and unparalleled business opportunities.”

Why Thailand?

Thailand has emerged as a key player in the global LED lighting market. The country’s robust economic growth, projected GDP expansion, and increasing middle-income population contribute to a thriving market for LED lighting products. Furthermore, Thailand’s supportive governmental policies, with agencies like the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) actively promoting LED lighting adoption, create a conducive environment for industry players.

Thailand’s strategic geographical location within Southeast Asia serves as a regional hub for trade and commerce, attracting manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals from around the world to participate in LED Expo Thailand—the largest LED lighting exhibition in Southeast Asia. This prominent event serves as a key industry face-to-face platform for networking, business collaborations, and showcasing the latest innovations in LED and smart lighting technology.

Thailand’s dynamic LED lighting market, strong government support, economic growth prospects, and its strategic position as a regional business hub make it an ideal choice for industry professionals and stakeholders seeking to tap into the growing opportunities in the LED lighting sector.